Construction Management

Construction Management as a project delivery method falls into one of two categories: CM Agency or CM at Risk.

CM Agency

The Construction Manager (CM) is typically selected at the same time as the architect. The owner holds all of the trade contracts, while the CM performs the administration and management services, as an extension of the owner. One benefit to this method is it allows for an accelerated ("fast-track") construction schedule, by allowing for the breaking out of bid packages while the design develops. The CM acts as a single point of contact for all project stakeholders.

CM at Risk

The CM performs as a General Contractor and assumes the risk for the construction, while maintaining advocacy on behalf of the owner. The CM is typically selected at the same time or shortly after the architect. The owner, architect, and CM work collaboratively from the onset of the project. The CM performs preconstruction services, focusing on costs, schedule, constructability, and the various implications of material and system selections. With a CM at Risk approach an owner can lock into a guaranteed maximum price early on in the process. Similar to the CM agency, this method allows for fast-tracking the construction schedule. In the construction phase the CM coordinates and ensures the execution of all aspects of construction and continues to work with the owner and architect to ensure that the team’s vision is achieved.

C.D. Smith’s approach to Construction Management is unique from our competitors. Our team sits on the owner’s side of the table and always looks out for their best interest and believes in being an absolute advocate for the owner.